Teresa E. Thornton, M.S., Ph.D

School Centered, Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Research

Whenever I’m asked “have you ever had a teacher that stood out to you or had the most impact on you..?” I ALWAYS answer with you. I may not have been an A student in your classes and boy did I get frustrated with some lab reports🤣 but I literally live my every day life based off things I’ve learned from you. You’re an inspiration and there needs to be more Dr. Thorntons out there!!

MSMC Alumni on Facebook 2018

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While at sometimes it was a tough course, I truly appreciate what this instructor does to push their students education to a level that some of them didn't even realize they could reach. I look back on the class and am so proud of everything that I accomplished. While I may have complained a bit to myself that the work was "difficult" (which kid hasn't?), I am just really happy that I got this instructor and everything that this instructor taught me has just opened my mind to greater possibilities than 
I could have ever imagined. 

-Anonymous 11th Grade Honors Biology Student Evaluation 2017

Courses, Independent Projects and
Community-Based Research

This class was amazing, and I wouldn't change anything. I enjoyed all the projects, games, and research projects. This was by far the best science course I've taken!
                                                                                                              -Anonymous 11th Grade Honors Biology Student Evaluation 2016
The one-on-one attention that students receive while researching individual topics is a great aspect of this course. Research based learning is not taught in many other classes, and it is very important.

-Anonymous 11th Grade Honors Biology Student Evaluation 2018