Teresa E. Thornton, M.S., Ph.D

School Centered, Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Research

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I loved the fact that this class was so engaging and that there was a degree of difficulty. I never use to be a science fan and after this class I became really interested and don't mind discussing topics such as Food Inc and the dangers of Cuban Tree Frogs. 

-Anonymous 11th Grade Honors Biology Student Evaluation 2016

Example of Student Field Research Portfolio (2018)

Frog and Plant Studies 2013 - Present


Example of Cell Rap Videos! (2017 & 2018)


Bottled Water Project
Oxbridge Academy 
Florida, Spring 2012

Groundwater Studies

                                            Oxbridge Academy 

Spring 2012-2018


Energy Evaluation Project

Oxbridge Academy, Florida

Fall 2012

Stream Studies
Mount St Mary's College
New York
Solar Ovens
Mount St Mary's College
New York

Animal Behavior Studies

Palm Beach Zoo

                                  Oxbridge Academy, Florida, 2011

Force Diagrams Come to Life

Woodlands Middle School



Outreach Programs
South Florida Science Museum