Teresa E. Thornton, M.S., Ph.D

School Centered, Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Research

I have improved tremendously on my writing in this class, in addition my work ethic improved.

-Anonymous 11th Grade Student Evaluation 2017

Student Independent Research

Student Original Research Posters

These posters are only a few examples of research performed in one semester.  Students were asked to perform original research.  They had to use journal articles in their introductions and develop relationships with mentors.  Once they developed appropriate methodology they collected data, analyzed the results and compared their findings to previous research.  Along with their research papers they were required to make research posters in the fashion of a graduate student poster presentation. This experience led to some research continuing into sophomore year and recruiting upperclass students as well.  Students have presented their research competing against undergraduate and graduate students:

  • 41st Annual Herpetology Conference (AHC) 2018-2019
  • Annual American Water Resource Association Annual Conference 2012 to 2019
  • Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting 2017
  • The International Conference on Thermochemical Conversion Science 2017
    • Annual Southwest Florida Water Resource Annual Conference 2013 to 2020.
    • Annual Sea Level Rise Annual Symposium 2013 to 2016
    • US Fish and Wildlife Science Symposium 2013 & 2014 
    • STEM Research Symposium 2014
    • The Groundwater Foundation National Conference 2013


    Awards won are listed in  above linked document 

    If you would like more information on specific projects email me at [email protected]


    Students have had internships at Scripps, Max Planck, BioTools, University of Miami, FWC-FWRI Indian River Field Lab, and ran data using equipment at Florida Atlantic Honors College BioChem Lab and Jupiter Environmental Laboratories

    Individualized semester projects allow students to explore a subject that interests them and allows them to learn more through their own work/research

    -Anonymous 11th Grade Student Evaluation 2018